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Raine Study Team

Mothers of the Raine Study participants were recruited at around 18 weeks pregnancy from King Edward Memorial Hospital and surrounding private clinics between 1989 and 1991. 

A total of 2,900 women were enrolled into the study and their babies became the Raine Study cohort. There were 2,868 babies born including 60 sets of twins and 2 sets of triplets. These mothers completed questionnaires during their pregnancy, had ultrasound measurements and provided information for the study. After  birth and subsequently when their babies were one, two and three years old, the mothers and their babies participated follow-up assessments. The photograph below shows Prof John Newnham and the original research nurse team who started the Raine Study and collected this information.


Original Raine Team WIRF



Today the  Raine Study team consists of the Raine Study manager, supported by the data manager biostatistician, the Study Co-ordinator as well as a core group of dedicated research staff who co-ordinate and conduct the cohort assessments. Additional research assistants are involved in each cohort follow up.


Jenny Mountain MBA MClinEpi

Study Manager


Angela Jacques MSc

Biostatistician, Data Manager


Dr Louise McKenzie PhD

Data Manager


Diane Wood BAppSci, Dip Ed



Alex D'Vauz BSc (Hons)

Research Officer


Michelle Tickner BSc

Research Assistant


Monique Priston BSc

Research Assistant


Suzanne Green

Phlebotomist, Research Assistant


Carolyn Smargiassi

Administrative Officer




Raine Study Team




Alex D'Vauz and Ditza, Study Participant

Alex And Ditza