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Access to the Raine Study


The Raine Study Executive Committee encourages the research community to investigate the enormous potential of this unique cohort. The Raine Study is a supported access resource and access to data is achieved through collaboration with members of an existing Project Group. 


Principles of access to previously collected data, previously collected and stored biological samples, genetic data and for new data collection are detailed in the Western Australian Pregnancy Cohort (Raine) Study Data and Biological Samples Access Policy.


  • All applications to access the Raine Study Data should be submitted to the Raine Study Secretariat. Applications are collated and tabled at the Raine Study Executive Committee meetings.
  • All projects, collaborations and access to biological samples require approval from the Raine Study Executive before the project can commence.
  • Raine Study Executive Committee approval is the first step in the process to access the Raine Study Resource.
  • Human Research Ethics Approval needs to be in place before access to Raine Study resources is granted.
  • All other relevant documentation is required to be finalised before access the cohort or the cohort resources may occur, e.g. multi-institutional agreements, memorandum of understanding between collaborators, material transfer agreements, data access agreement
  • The Raine Study receives funding for core activities. These do not extend to support individual projects and collaborators will be expected to meet additional costs.
  • All research staff and information technology (IT) staff with access to Raine Study data must read and sign the Raine Study Data Access Agreement


Overview of the forms process



Raine Study approval forms




P form: Project approvals


P amendment form: Project amendments 


C form: Collaborations

C amendment form: Collaboration amendments


B form: Access to biological samples


D form: Access to data


M1 form: Manuscript proposals


M2 form: Completed manuscripts


M3 form: Media releases



Raine Study Acknowledgements

Raine Study Nomenclature Guidelines


Raine Study Reference Group age 17



Data Access Policy - click below

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