Special Interest Groups

Special Interest Groups


The Raine Study is a valuable resource for Western Australian researchers. There are currently more than 150 researchers utilising the Raine Study. The investigators bring expertise from 15 Special Interest Groups (SIGs) which are aligned to life-course framework covering multidisciplinary and multiple time points.  The SIGs are based around key data sets within 5 overarching areas: genetics, phenotype, behaviours, environment as well as education and work.  There is a biostatistics methods focussed SIG to support the quality and efficiency of analyses.  The role of the SIGs is to develop and enhance utilization of data resources.  The SIGs have leaders and members likely drawn from a number of the financial partners to encourage cross-institutional collaboration.  The 15 SIGs are:


Special Interest Groups






Genetics SIG

  • exome, epigenetics

Phillip Melton (phillip.melton@uwa.edu.au)

Craig Pennell (craig.pennell@uwa.edu.au)




Cardiometabolic SIG

  • heart, vessels, liver, kidney; microbiome; gastrointestinal


Koya Ayonrinde (oyekoya.ayonrinde@uwa.edu.au)

Trevor Mori (trevor.mori@uwa.edu.au)


Respiratory, Immunology, Inflammation SIG  
  • asthma, lung structure, allergy

Elysia Hollams (elysia.hollams@uwa.edu.au)

Graham Hall (graham.hall@uwa.edu.au)


Hormonal and Reproduction SIG

  • HPA, thyroid, testosterone, testes, ovaries, breasts

Melanie Walls (melanie.walls@uwa.edu.au)

Roger Hart (roger.hart@uwa.edu.au)

Martha Hickey (hickeym@unimelb.edu.au)


Musculoskeletal SIG

  • pain, arthritis

Darren Beales (d.beales@curtin.edu.au)

Peter Kent (peter.kent@curtin.edu.au)


Psychological SIG

  • cognition, language, mood, mental health, disorders

Ashleigh Lin (ashleigh.lin@telethonkids.org.au)

 Andrew Whitehouse (andrew.whitehouse@telethonkids.org.au

Romola Bucks (romola.bucks@uwa.edu.au)


Senses SIG

  • eyes, ears

Christopher Brennan-Jones (christopher.brennan-jones@uwa.edu.au)

Rob Eikelboom (rob.eikelboom@uwa.edu.au)

David Mackey (david.mackey@uwa.edu.au)



  • body composition including growth, size, adiposity, bone, muscle; 3D facial morphology; fitness including aerobic, muscular; nutrients incuding iron, vitamin D; infectious disease; dental health


Peter Eastwood (Peter.Eastwood@health.wa.gov.au)

Leon Straker (l.straker@curtin.edu.au)


Lifestyle Behaviours



Sleep & Activity SIG

  • physical activity, sedentary behaviour

Joanne McVeigh (joanne.mcveigh@curtin.edu.au)

Nigel Mcardle (nigel.mcardle@health.wa.gov.au)


Diet SIG

  • diet, dietary behaviour

Therese O'Sullivan (t.osullivan@ecu.edu.au)_

Gina Ambrosini (gina.ambrosini@uwa.edu.au)


Risky Behaviour SIG

  • drug use - alcohol, tobacco, other drugs, sexual behaviour, driving


Robert Tait (21684533@student.uwa.edu.au)

Rachel Skinner (rachel.skinner@health.nsw.gov.au)





Perinatal & Life course Environmental

Exposures SIG

  • perinatal exposures such as obstetric factors; maternal nutrition, exercise , drugs (medications, smoking, alcohol, illicit), stress & mental health; classical environmental exposures including chemical (such as endocrine disruptors & other pollutants


Megan Galbally (m.galbally@murdoch.edu.au)

Jeff Keelan (jeff.keelan@uwa.edu.au)

Built & Social Environment SIG

  • built environment including neighbourhood security, parks, walkability, shops, fast food outlets & social environment including family relationships, peer relationships, work colleague relationships


Gina Trapp (georgina.trapp@uwa.edu.au)

Hayley Christian (hayley.christian@uwa.edu.au)


Education and Work



Education & Work SIG

  • primary & secondary school achievement, post-secondary education, occupational, work perceptions, work productivity, economics


Michael Dockery (mike.dockery@cbs.curtin.edu.au)

Sharon Parker (sharon.parker@uwa.edu.au)





Biostatistics SIG

Angela Jacques (angela.jacques@uwa.edu.au)

Max Bulsara (max.bulsara@uwa.edu.au)











Prof Graham Hall and Prof Leon Straker

LEI July2010 047


Prof Nick de Klerk and Dr Koya Ayonrinde

Koya And Nick


Seyhan Yazar and Prof David Mackey

David Seyan


Dr Anne Smith and Dr David Lawrence

Anne David L